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Four Reasons For Waterproofing Your Basement

Waterproofing your basement can be a difficult decision to make. For one, it can be costly up front, but it can also save you significantly larger amounts of money in the long run. To know whether this is right for you, it’s important to know what signs you should look for that indicate if it […]

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Basement Waterproofing In Glen Burnie: Three Methods

There is no mistaking the signs that a basement needs waterproofing: weeping walls, steamy heat in the summer, crumbling concrete block walls, and a damp basement smell. Your basement can be used for anything, from recreation to storage. Proper waterproofing lets you utilize your basement to its fullest without having to worry about floods, leaks […]

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Basement Waterproofing Options

Moisture in your basement leads to trouble: time-consuming repairs, structural problems, mold infestation, ruined possessions.  Is it really possible to dry out a basement simply by sealing the walls? Yes it is but you need to have a proper assessment of your home’s conditions and building materials. Professional basement waterproofing companies such as American Eagle […]

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Waterproofing And Water Damage Prevention In Glen Burnie

Water can enter the basement in your Glen Burnie home through a variety of ways, including (but not limited to); over the top of the foundation, through the cove joint, or through cracks in the wall or floor. Keeping your basement dry, safe, and healthy is our number one priority at American Eagle Services, and […]

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Importance Of Water Proofing Your Basement In Glen Burnie

Annually in Maryland, the spring has lovely flowers but is usually the driest time of the year. So if you visit your basement and see (or smell) any signs of moisture or mold, call American Eagle today. Keeping your basement dry, safe, and healthy is critical; any water or moisture issues should be handled quickly […]

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