A person cleans up a wall that has experienced mold growth. The last thing you need is mold growing in your home.

How to Prevent and Remove Mold from Your Basement

One of a homeowner’s biggest archenemies is mold. Mold in walls or floors can cause huge headaches, and repairs can cause a great inconvenience and a large blow to the budget. While mold can grow almost anywhere, the basement is one of the most common places in a home. This is due to the high […]

Some lining is laid out in a crawl space to help keep it dry. American Eagle can help you with crawl space encapsulation.

5 Simple Tips for Crawl Space Maintenance

For a home with a crawlspace, it is important to know the purpose for this small space as well as conduct regular maintenance. A crawl space generally provides support for the living areas located above, and serves as a buffer between the house and the ground below. A crawl space includes a series of support […]

Bowed walls in a basement can lead to serious problems for your home's foundation. American Eagle can help with your bowed basement walls.

What is the Best Way to Repair a Bowing Wall?

Homeownership can be challenging and stressful – especially when it comes to basement repairs. If you have notices that your basement walls are bowing or cracking, do not delay in seeking a solution – no matter how overwhelming it might feel in the moment. Bowed walls are a symptom of a potential bigger problem that […]

A fully-furnished basement fills up with water.

Basement Waterproofing 101

When the rain starts coming down outside, you want to be able to feel safe and secure inside your home. But if your home does not respond well to a downpour or melting snow, it can make you feel anxious when you see rain or a thunderstorm in the weather forecast. The good news is, […]

Carbon fiber is used to help with this basement's bowed wall problem. American Eagle offers a number of solutions that can help with your bowed basement wall.

Three Methods to Effectively Fix Bowed Walls

It is pretty easy to spot when you have bowed walls in your foundation. The most common indications of bowed walls are stair-step crack and water leaks. A stair-step crack happens when cracks develop on the seams or joins between concrete blocks in basement walls creating a “stair-step crack.” These cracks begin and bowed walls […]

Increase Your Home’s Air Quality By Attending to Your Crawl Space

When you are in your home, you should be able to breathe clean and safe air. There are many temporary solutions that you can purchase and install in your home, but the best solution is to stop the problem at the source. By attending and treating your crawl space, you can maintain a good air […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Basement Foundation Crack Repair

When you see cracks forming in the walls or floors of your basement, it can feel overwhelming and scary. How dire are these cracks and what can you do to lessen the damage? The truth is that there is not a “quick fix” when it comes to basement foundation crack repair. Let’s take a look […]

6 Signs You Need an Inspection of your Home’s Foundation

Much like doctors provide regular physicals to maintain a healthy body, it requires and expert to ensure the health of your home’s foundation is maintained. An inspection takes a comprehensive look at everything from floors, windows, doors, and ceilings. Foundation issues can show signs all throughout the house, here are 9 areas to look for […]

Recognizing Bowing Basement Walls & How to Fix Them

Imagine sitting in your basement recreation room and you notice that the wall doesn’t seem to be exactly straight up and down? You may not think too much about it, but should you? You could have bowing basement walls. It may be time to assess the damage and see what you can do to fix […]

Sagging Floors? It May Be Your Crawl Space

Have you noticed that the floors of your home appear uneven? Structural problems, such as sagging beams, settling columns, or fatigued floor joists, are all too common in a crawlspace. When the support beams of your home are exposed to moisture in the crawl space, these issues tend to arise. Sagging beams and floor joists […]

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