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Sometimes basements and crawl spaces can be out of sight, out of mind. But, when it comes to protecting your home from flooding in the basement or crawl space. Putting in preventative measures can protect your home from mold developing and damage to your foundation. Our experts at American Eagle Professional Services in Columbia, Maryland are trained to properly identify issues in your home to provide you with basement waterproofing solutions. We install waterproofing and structural repair solutions for homeowners that are backed by years of industry experience.

Professional Mold Testing & Removal

Our mold remediation and removal techniques are guaranteed to stop mold growth at the source. In basements with unmanaged humidity levels, we recommend having a dehumidifier installed. Our team at American Eagle Professional Services offers professional mold testing and mold remediation services in Columbia, Maryland to help combat the mold growth in your home. We have years of experience identifying and removing mold from basements and buildings in Columbia and can help you solve any issues you may be experiencing.

Professional Basement Waterproofing

A foundation repair expert works on waterproofing the exterior of a home.

There are many areas where water can enter your basement, which requires experts that can come in, properly diagnose your problem and provide you with viable solutions tailored to your home. Let’s look at the different areas and the possible solutions available in Columbia, Maryland:

Cracks in Foundation Walls

Cracks in your foundation walls are usually in the concrete or at mortar joints between blocks. They can also occur with floor cracks and at the cove joint where the foundation walls and floor meet. If you have foundation cracks, one of the solutions our experts in Columbia, Maryland will recommend is to have a wall crack repair product installed to stop the crack growth and water leak. If water is entering at the cove joint or other areas we can install a custom waterproofing system to help remove the water.

Standing Water

We have waterproofing systems that will remove water from your basement. We recommend installing a sump pump system to help with the removal of water.

Professional Crawl Space Solutions

If you need help with crawl space encapsulation, then you'll want to contact American Eagle in Columbia.

Sometimes homes were constructed with crawl space areas instead of basements in Columbia, Maryland. To keep fresh air moving through the space, vents were included in the construction of the crawl space. But oftentimes having these vents allows water to get into the crawl space due to snow melting or from a heavy rain. Without a way to drain, this water tends to stay in your crawl space resulting in the humidity level staying too high causing the growth of mold. The best way to keep unwanted water out of the crawl space is to utilize a process known as encapsulation. Encapsulation is the installation of a waterproof line, sometimes accompanied by other waterproofing systems to keep water out of your crawl space. Encapsulation can also stop bugs and animals from getting into your crawl space in Columbia, Maryland.

Professional Foundation Repair

The foundation of a home that has experienced serious damage and needs to be repaired.

Many home foundation problems stem from common issues and our experts in Columbia, Maryland utilize their years of knowledge to properly identify these problems. We can offer a foundation repair solution designed for your particular problem to permanently repair and stabilize the foundation of your home. Let’s look at the different areas and the possible solutions available:

Sagging Foundation

We can install a system of foundation piers to level your home in Columbia, Maryland. Depending on where the damage is and how bad the issue has become, we use either helical piers or push piers. Both are very strong and can stabilize your foundation.

Bowed Basement Walls

Depending on how much the wall is leaning, we can install foundation wall anchors to pull the walls back to their original location and provide needed support.

If you have got foundation problems, call us to have your foundation in Columbia, Maryland checked out by a professional to determine if a repair needs to be installed.

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