Why You Should Repair Your Foundation for the Holidays

A home with Christmas lights on it has a crack run vertically down its foundation.

When you make your holiday checklist, you may not have considered adding to your list: Foundation Repair & Maintenance.

If you are expecting home visitors for the holidays, it is important to ensure the integrity of your foundation. You want your guests to feel at home and have a comfortable stay. You can rest easy you have done all you can to ensure this experience by having your foundation repaired. Here are four reasons to have your foundation repaired just in time for the holidays:

1.       Uneven Floors

Tree leaning? You may have sloping or uneven floors. Often times when you have a lot of company staying in your home, some may end up sleeping on an air mattress on your floor – but if the floor is uneven, that could make for a restless night of sleep. Uneven floors are a pain year-round — not just over the holidays. This is a sign that you need foundation repair. Call us today to have this checked out before the guests arrive!

2.       Cracking or Leaning Chimney

‘Tis the season for lighting your fireplace. There’s nothing quite as cozy as gathering around the hearth with your family, playing games, singing seasonal songs, and drinking hot cocoa. Don’t let a cracking or leaning chimney mess up your plans for a festive evening. You also don’t want to make it difficult for the old man in a big red coat to make it down the chimney to deliver the presents for all the good girls & boys – you might end up with coal! Foundation repair can prevent a cracked or leaning chimney which could disrupt the merry & bright this holiday season.

3.       Bowed Walls

It’s time to transform the interior of your home into a winter wonderland with wall hangings, wreaths, stockings, and more. But if you have bowed walls this could present a challenge to your decorating dreams. You can solve this issue through bowed wall and foundation repair. Bowed walls aren’t just a hassle to deal with when decorating; they’re a serious problem and show a lack of structural integrity and could cause larger problems later on. 

4.       Sticking Doors or Windows

Finally, sticking doors and windows (or doors and windows with unexplained gaps) are another serious sign that you’re in need of foundation repair. Gaps in windows and doors can let in a cold draft all night long, making it harder for your family and any visiting guests to be comfortable. Sticking or gaping doors and windows often mean that your foundation has settled or shifted; our foundation repair can fix the problem rather than simply the symptoms so that you can have a warm, cozy, and secure holiday season in your home.

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