Basement Waterproofing In Glen Burnie: Three Methods

basement waterproofing glen burnie, basement water damage prevention glen burnieThere is no mistaking the signs that a basement needs waterproofing: weeping walls, steamy heat in the summer, crumbling concrete block walls, and a damp basement smell. Your basement can be used for anything, from recreation to storage. Proper waterproofing lets you utilize your basement to its fullest without having to worry about floods, leaks or moisture that can cause extensive damage.

Basement Waterproofing In Glen Burnie

When it comes to basements, there is no single fix-all solution. Your choice of one (or more) basement waterproofing method depends on the type and severity of the damage caused by intrusive water. The source of the water damage, whether external or internal, also plays a major role in determining the type of waterproofing method to use.

Interior Sealants

Although interior sealants are not often used as a basement waterproofing tool, they can be used as a temporary material for keeping your basement dry. Using interior sealants to waterproof your basement prevents moisture from being absorbed by the basement walls and floors is the best defense against ground water. Plus it can also help prevent moisture from building up other parts of the house.

Interior Water Drainage

Another effective option is interior water drainage. The term “French drain” doesn’t reflect its country of origin but instead the creator– Henry Flagg French. Also known as interior drains, it involves drilling a hole or downward sloping trench in the concrete foundation and installing a drain. A sump pump then moves water out of the basement. A drainage system can help avoid water buildup in your basement, moving the water from the footers of the house foundation and out below the basement floor. 

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing is often the best defense against surface water but can cost five to 10 times more than interior projects because the task requires heavy equipment, more labor and takes longer to complete. This system is done in several steps. First of all, the team’s needs to excavate the foundation down to the footer. Then, the basement walls are inspected for any weak spots or cracks and repaired accordingly. A sealer was applied outside of the basement walls and a physical membrane is wrapped around the foundation. A new footer drain is then installed and covered with gravel. Once the soil is put back into place, the surface is graded to slope away from the house.

With many causes and many potential solutions, you need a team with experience in this geography. American Eagle Professional Services provides quality basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and mold control in Glen Burnie. Understanding both the geography of Glen Burnie and the construction of your home ensures that we offer you the best solution for your moisture problems. Call us to set up an inspection to reveal the causes and options to control moisture and mold in your home.

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