Mold remediation

We used Perry and his team at American Eagle Prof Services after shopping around extensively for a mold remediation company. After weeks of estimates and re-estimates based on scaling back the cleaning needs, Perry worked with us and was the most flexible in terms of scheduling after we arrived at what we felt was a fair cost for the remediation effort which is never cheap. He also managed and subcontracted the cleaning of the HVAC system which was a huge savings of our time not having to deal with yet another contractor. He and his team were efficient, always on time, and considerate of my parents still living in the home. Considering this was a basement job in my 80yr old parents house in Centreville, MD, minimizing disruption to their lives was a high priority and Perry kept this in mind at all times. All in all we were VERY happy with the end results which culminated in an ‘all clear’ mold test signoff by an independent Industrial team who validated the mold cleaning was performed as needed. I would not hesitate recommending Perry to anybody challenged with a mold issue as he knew his stuff regarding mold remediation and proved it with his successful cleanup of my parents house in Centreville, MD.

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