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The goal of any mold control project is to prevent mold growth and reduce the risk of damage and health concerns due to mold. Different mold problems require different types of treatment.

In a wet climate like Annapolis, mold removal is a short-term treatment for a long-term problem. It is highly recommended that you research all of your options before committing to a treatment type. What may seem cost effective in the short term may end up costing more in the long term. One of the biggest differences between mold removal and remediation is the fact that mold removal is practically impossible. Microscopic mold spores exist naturally everywhere, inside and out. No company can completely remove all mold but an experienced company can properly control it with high-quality mold remediation.

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A woman is shocked as she finds mold on her wall in the corner of her kitchen.
American Eagle works to remove mold from this wall using mold control.

How American Eagle Remediates Mold Growth

Our team of mold prevention, inspection, removal, and treatment experts in Annapolis are certified and trained in the science of mold growth and are prepared to take on any remediation project that your home or business may need. Our mold remediation techniques focus on controlling mold levels and making sure your property is safe and protected from mold damage.

Every mold situation is unique and will require a personalized solution, however the general process of mold remediation stays the same.

The proper steps for professional mold remediation start with an inspection and damage assessment, then we contain the mold. After that, our team of mold removal experts in Annapolis will install proper air filtration systems to rid the space of musty odors. Once that is done, we will remove mold and mold infested items and clean them, though some things may not be salvageable depending on the amount of mold. Finally, we will restore your home or businesses’ natural ecosystem to a healthy level and install the proper equipment to prevent future mold growth.

To help you better understand mold it must first be said that there is mold EVERYWHERE. When water invades your home mold can start growing in as little as 48 hours if the environment is inviting. An ideal environment for mold growth is a humid, damp and dark area. This can be exacerbated when mold spores are exposed to water, causing the mold to colonize. This is what causes allergen producing mold as well as that distinct smell of mold. In order to prevent future mold growth our mold prevention and inspection team in Annapolis will address and solve any excess moisture issues your home or business has, therefore tackling mold growth from the source.

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