Professional Crawl Space Encapsulation


Many homes have crawl spaces located underneath, moisture and humidity are common issues that these areas face. Due to the damp and humid environment that crawl spaces often face a multitude of problems such as sagging floors, mold growth, and excess humidity in your home. Your crawl space, as you may or may not know is host to many important systems that your home needs, these are including but not limited to your HVAC ducts. It is incredibly important to protect this area from the elements to make sure that your home and your family have the best chance at staying healthier longer.

Our team at American Eagle Professional Services specialize and possess years of experience providing complete protection for your crawl space by installing a crawl space barrier. This system is specifically designed to seal your crawl space and control humidity levels, this process is known as crawl space encapsulation. By applying a combination of products designs specifically for crawl spaces, our team has been able to provide quality work for years using this proven methodology. The vapor barrier is the main piece of the system which acts as a protective seal closing off all seams of your crawl space from the outside. Sometimes a water diversion system or sump pump may be installed in addition as a means to control the water that enters your crawl space.

What Is A Vapor Barrier?

Vapor Barrier 2

A very important part of the crawl space encapsulation process is the vapor barrier because they are designed to prevent water and moisture from entering your crawl space. Constructed of a high-quality reinforced resin, our vapor barriers are specifically designed to make crawl spaces completely waterproof and mold resistant. The vapor barrier provides a complete seal by being laid along the entire crawl space floor and up the walls.

Crawl Space Humidity Control

Once water is being kept out of the area, it is important that any excess humidity that the area may experience is controlled properly. Using a specifically designed Santa Fe made dehumidifier, our team is able to regulate the humidity levels in order to prevent the moisture from causing damage to your floor joists. We can ensure that the area is kept at the proper humidity level by installing a crawl space dehumidifier. By ensuring the correct levels of humidity in your crawl space, we are able to help prevent toxic mold growth that can be dangerous to you, your family and your pets.

Trust Our Team For Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

Our team of experts can help you with any crawl space repair you may need. If you are in need of crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation contact us today by filling out our online contact form or by calling 410-263-9682 to schedule an inspection and appointment.