Interior Basement Waterproofing

The moment you notice water leaking into your basement, you need to contact a professional water cleanup company who can dry the affected areas. Most basement water issues begin with a crack in your basement wall or come from water leaking through the cove joint which is where the wall meets the floor. Problems such as these are easy to solve by installing an interior basement waterproofing system. Our team of trained experts at American Eagle Professional Services have years of firsthand experience assisting Annapolis homeowners by waterproofing basement walls from the inside of a crawlspace.  More often than not, when you see leakage in your basement it is a red flag that there are underlying foundation problems that are causing the cracks where water is seeping in.

Our American Eagle team will help you identify the source of the water and then install a waterproofing system that will control it. Whether we are filling wall or floor cracks, or installing a sump pump system, our team knows exactly which method will work best to stop the leak.

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Water seeps in through basement walls. If you need help with basement waterproofing, then you need to contact American Eagle.

What Causes Interior Basement Waterproofing Issues?

Many basement waterproofing issues are caused by wall and floor cracks or even faulty plumbing. Our team is highly trained and specializes in identifying the root of the issue in order to prepare a long-term solution. 

Excess water in the soil surrounding your home can make a basement that already has water issues leak even more. Improperly sealed walls and floors are entry ways for water in the soil to push inside. These cracks will be repaired by our amazing team of waterproofing professionals while the basement system of your Annapolis home has waterproofing features installed to direct water away from your home.

Be Aware of the Signs of Water Intrusion

There are some easy to spot signs of water intrusion in your basement. Large puddles of water and damp basement walls are clear signs that water is entering your basement from the outside. Once you have found these spots, check for cracks in your basement walls and floors, it is important to note that even the smallest crack may be letting water into your basement. Another thing you can look for are large gaps in the area where your basement walls meet the floor. Our experts are trained to identify these issues and during any normal inspection can point them out to you.

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Contact American Eagle for Interior Basement Waterproofing

If you have noticed any of the problems above then you should contact our experts online or by calling (410) 263-9682 immediately to schedule an inspection and basement waterproofing services.

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Our Interior Waterproofing Systems

There are a variety of systems that contractors use to repair basement leaks. The team at American Eagle Professional Services pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality of work, employing the best methods and waterproofing systems in the industry. We use patented products from SafeBasements Inc. to waterproof basements. From drain tiles to sump pump systems, the quality products from SafeBasements Inc. will keep your Annapolis home dry by waterproofing your basement walls from the inside.

SafeEdge Basement Waterproofing

The SafeEdge water control systems are specifically designed to solve basement wall water problems. As with all SafeBasements Waterproofing water control products, they have our rubber seal which allows water to pass into the system but minimizes dangerous soil gasses (Radon) from entering the living area of the home.

SafeDrain Basement Waterproofing

The SafeDrain system has a low profile, wider design. This design allows for adequate floor thickness to be poured back over the SafeDrain once the installation is complete. The system’s wider design allows for adequate water flow while reducing hydrostatic pressure caused by poor soil conditions from when your home was originally constructed.

An American Eagle technician installs a sump pump in a customer's home.

Basement Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are an important part of any basement waterproofing system. These pumps are designed to collect the water that would normally leak into your basement and expel it outside of the home thus waterproofing the basement walls from the inside. In Annapolis, we install these basement systems to help homeowners who live in areas with heavy run-off from snow or rain to help keep their basement safe and dry.

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Basement Dehumidifiers

An important part of any waterproofing system is a dehumidifier. This product will help ensure the humidity levels are under control and will prevent the growth of mold or mildew. We have many different types, sizes, and capacities for every situation your home could have.

Multi-Flow Drain Tile

The SafeBasements Multi-Flow Drain Tile is engineered to maintain a slow, steady flow of drain water across tile systems. This is critical in maintaining soil stability alongside your foundation’s footer, which is the base that supports your home or business. 

The typical 4″ perforated drain tile used in a tile system, when filled halfway, can cause a flow rate that draws soil fines into the system and washes them out and away from the foundation of your property. This is especially prone to happen during a heavy rainstorm or snow event.

The displacement of soil not only threatens the foundation of your home, but it also shortens the life of your sump pump as it overworks itself to remove soil laden water through the evacuation pipes. The situation worsens when a drain tile system is installed at a sloping angle. Due to the natural forces of gravity, this accelerates the flow of drain water, causing more soil fines to be washed away from the footer of your foundation.

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Problem Solved with the SafeBasements Multi-Flow Drain Tile

The SafeBasements Multi-Flow Drain Tile is installed level around the perimeter of the footer, creating several positive engineering effects. First of all, it allows the Multi-flow Drain Tile to take on water in 5 slow and steady stages. This “staging” method allows for a slow, evenly-paced rate that keeps the water table in the foundation well below the slab. Doing this and maintaining the footer soils promotes a strong footer, lessening potential for damage slabs created by hydrostatic pressure. More stages can be added in severe water table situations.


Multi-Flow Tile Benefits

  •  5 tier system lets water move steadily to sump basket
  •  No grading required, installs level
  •  Larger surface area collection than 4” drain tile
  •  Inspection and radon vapor ports easily tie in
  •  Narrow vertical profile means less materials taken out and less gravel to backfill

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