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Q: How does water get in my basement?

A: There are 5 main ways that water gets in your basement.

  • Poor grading outside leading water towards the house
  • Clay bowl effect
    • The backfill around the house absorbs water much easier than surrounding soil which leads to water pressure around the basement walls
  • Hydrostatic pressure coming up through the floor
  • Through cracks in the wall or floor
  • Water gets into the cinderblock walls and due to cement being porous, leaks into the interior
Q: What is different from your drain system?

A: With the Safe Edge System there are numerous benefits; our system lowers the water table, it allows foundation water to enter the drain system, it is radon compatible, as well as the multi-flow drain-tile prevents the drain from becoming clogged.

Q: Do we need a new sump basket/pump?

A: Not all situations will need a new sump basket/pump but the equipment and materials we use are state of the art. Our Safe Basements Sump Basket is a large basket with a see through polyglass lid that has easy to use hardware for inspections and maintenance on your pump. The lid on our basket is also sealed airtight so that it is compatible with radon mitigation systems, to help ensure your houses safety. The sump pumps that we use are built for industrial use and can be used continuously, they are tremendously energy efficient as well as very quiet.

Q: What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

A: Crawl space encapsulation is the process of turning your crawl space which maybe wet moldy and filthy into a healthy clean environment which deters and prevents mold growth. Encapsulating your crawl space consists of first cleaning the crawl space of any mold or foreign issues as well as removing old batt insulation, next a 12 to 20 mil vapor barrier is installed covering the entire floor as well as extending up the walls and including all columns, after the vapor barrier is installed and sealed we spray the foundation walls with closed cell foam insulation in order to completely seal and insulate the crawl space.

Q: Does my Crawl Space need a dehumidifier?

A: Yes, your crawl space is the foundation of your house and to ensure a healthy home it starts with the foundation. A dehumidifier is necessary because moisture in your crawl space due to the space being vented can lead to mold growth wood rot and also other microbial issues. With a dehumidifier you can seal the crawl space and control the humidity preventing these issues from occurring.

Q: Why buy your dehumidifier from us when I can buy one from the hardware store?

A: The dehumidifiers we use are Santa-Fe Dehumidifiers, these dehumidifiers are extremely compact as well as exceptionally quiet. The Santa-Fe dehumidifier is efficient at removing water and is installed with an outstanding air filtration filter. These units also come with a ducting option in case the crawl space is divided into sections. With all these superior components these unit become incredibly energy efficient for your crawl space as well.

Q: I have a musty odor in the lower area of my house, is that a sign of mold?

A: More times than not it is. The odor or musty smell is indicative of microbial growth. These are the gasses that the mold produces when the mold is in the non-dormant phase and is alive and thriving.

Q: How can I determine the source of the smell?

A: At this point its best to call in an expert to inspect and evaluate the problem. The inspector will first have a discussion with you to understand your concerns and move on from there. There are several tools he can utilize for example, infrared cameras, moisture meters, and air and swab testing.

Q: What if the mold inspector finds mold, how do I get rid of it?

A: Depending on the severity of the contamination they may write a protocol which are simply remediation instructions. At this point you will need to call a qualified mold remediation company like American Eagle Professional Services.

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