Can You Waterproof a Basement In The Winter?

waterproofing glen burnie, water control glen burnie, water damage repair glen burnieIn Maryland, now is the driest time of the year. And we are about to hit our first freeze. In the past, the traditional solution to fix a leaky basement was to dig into the dirt to access the exterior walls. So usually, these repairs were done when the weather was warm and dry. Today, homeowners can use additional technologies and techniques to waterproof their basements year round regardless of weather conditions.

Winter is actually better than spring to seal wet foundation walls and basement floors. Spring brings snowmelt and more rain. 

And even if you don;t see the problem, it can be causing more damage everytime it rains. For example, hollow concrete block walls can fill up with water, allowing  them to hold water over long periods of time.  You have to  provide a way for the water trapped in the foundation walls to drain out, such as a perimeter drainage system.

Can Concrete Care Products Work In The Cold?

Although the outdoor air temperature may drop below freezing, the basement temperature should stay above 50. Your home’s heating system will lower the humidity and keep the air dryer. This combines to dry out the concrete. 

Drier concrete allows better adhesion for any products used on them. In the right conditions. filling and sealing cracks in the slacks or joints can be successful even when the temperature dips. If it is more difficult to ensure a good seal after it has been raining and the conditions have been wet for weeks. 

Should You Waterproof Basement From The Inside or Outside?

Basically, the answer is “yes.” In order to fix your situation, American Eagle Services will investigate and make a recommendation that might include indoor, outdoor, or both.

In most cases water penetrates and enters through the foundation through cracks. The method to repair from inside the home will vary depending on the type of foundation ( poured concrete or cinder block. Many options are available but, while interior waterproofing prevents the damage from getting worse,  having the repairs done on the outside fixes the weaknesses where they start.

Waterproofing the outside of your foundation is the best way to shore up your basement. When your basement is wet, you need a professional assessment from a team to present all of the options. 

Can Mold Still Grow In the Winter?

In the warmer months, mold can occur anywhere, including your home’s ductwork, but in the winter, when the air indoors is drier, it’s most likely to flourish in the basement. Mold can also grow around window frames from condensation on exceptionally cold days if there’s enough humidity in your home. 

If you have plumbing pipes running through poorly insulated walls, the humidity from your home can condense on the cold pipes, creating the perfect environment for undetectable mold growth. Eventually, the wood, insulation and drywall can rot.

Basement Waterproofing In Glen Burnie

An effective basement waterproofing solution can prevent mold, structural, and indoor air quality problems associated with water in the basement. Address your basement moisture issues now.  American Eagle Professional Services provides waterproofing, foundation repair, and mold control in Maryland. By understanding both the geography of Glen Burnie and the construction of your home, all recommendations will be helpful, accurate and valuable. Contact American Eagle Professional Services to set up an inspection to reveal the causes and options to control moisture in your basement.

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