Interior Basement Waterproofing

American Eagle is here to help you with your interior basement waterproofing project.The moment you notice water leaking into your basement, you need to contact a professional water cleanup company that can dry the affected areas. Most basement water issues begin with a crack in your basement wall or come from water leaking through the cove joint which is where the wall meets the floor. Sometimes, problems such as these are easy to solve by installing an interior basement waterproofing system. In other situations, leakage is a red flag that underlying foundation problems are causing the cracks where water is seeping in.

In order to address the problems, American Eagle will help you identify the source of the water and then install a waterproofing system that will control it: filling cracks, installing a sump pump system, addressing exterior drainage issues. 

When your basement becomes damp and moist, you need to waterproof it to prevent the growth of mold, control foul smells and improve air quality. Waterproofing inside the home can help with the hydrostatic pressure that builds up from outside. Common waterproofing materials include an interior air-gap drainage membrane, drainage tile (weeping tile), drainage tile connector pieces, gravel, and cement.

When Should You Focus on the Interior?

It was probably water in the house that initiated the search but it might be the water outside the home that needs your attention. Call the American Eagle technicians to investigate and create a plan. The internal system method may be the best option in these three scenarios:

  • The area cannot be addressed from the exterior due to confined space or no access.
  • The water problem is not a foundation leak but a hydrostatic pressure problem, which means the groundwater under the concrete slab raises up and down and causes the water to penetrate through the basement slab or where the wall meets the floor. This groundwater can also mean that there could be an underground creek where the house was built.
  • Fixing the interior is a cost-effective solution for unfinished living areas.

Sealing the interior is the first step in preventing future water damage from leaks or flooding. The process starts by opening a trench inside the basement. Next, an internal French drainage system is installed within the trench to direct water that gathers to a sump pump.  Sealing closes up cracks on walls, floors and ceiling  but it’s not a long-term answer. The most effective solution to flooding is to install basement sump pumps to drain out large quantities of water.

Prevent Mold and Promote Air Quality

Mold can be a serious problem and gradually destroy the area where it colonizes. It also has the potential to create health problems for your home’s inhabitants. The only thing mold requires to grow is moisture or water and dust. As the dust is everywhere in a basement, it can begin to grow indoors if it lands on a damp surface. Keep your basement dry to improve the air quality in the entire home. 

Are Basement Leaks Covered By Insurance?

Unfortunately, the many variables complicate things. Diagnose the source of the leak; basement floods from an internal source are almost always covered by home insurance. If a basement washing machine or refrigerator has a break in the water supply line, water can flood the basement in an instant. Home insurance considers this “sudden and accidental” almost always covering the cost of repairs. Leaky water heater- A leaky water heater is likewise covered, except where they can prove neglect. Keep an eye on your appliances and maintain them well and you ensure coverage.

Complete Basement Waterproofing In Maryland

Basement waterproofing not only prevents floodwater and moisture from damaging your basement floor and walls, but more importantly, it keeps your home dry and free of mold. Interior waterproofing can prevent water damage from getting worse, but having the repairs done on the outside fixes the weaknesses where they start. 

American Eagle Professional Services provides quality basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and mold control in Maryland. Understanding both the geography of Glen Burnie and the construction of your home ensures that we offer you the best solution for your moisture problems. Contact us to set up an inspection to reveal the causes and options to control moisture in your basement. 

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