Using Waterproofing Services To Avoid Major Damages

basement waterproofing annapolis, waterproofing basement annapolis, waterproofing annapolisA flooded basement is every Annapolis homeowner’s worst nightmare. The basement is the lowest area in the home so it is the most prone to flooding. At American Eagle, our mission is to effectively waterproof your basement to prevent water damage from occurring in the first place. One of the best lines of defense against basement water damage is sump pump installation. Not sure what a sump pump is exactly, or how it works? We can help with that.

Waterproofing Services In Annapolis

A sump pump’s sole purpose is to remove excess water from your basement. The sump pump protects your home from heavy rains and rising waters by moving water from the basement out of your home. The sump pump is held in a hole or basin carved below the main surface of your basement floor. The pump has valves that sense water levels in and around the basement and when those levels get too high it will pump the excess water out of the basement and away from your home through a discharge line, or an effluent, to a designated drainage area. Typically, the drainage area is a creek or pond or neighborhood drain. It is important that the drainage area is far enough away from your home and an area where the water will  not be able to flow back. It is also important to choose a sump pump that has enough horsepower to adequately pump the water out of and away from your home.

Selecting the right sump pump is very important in assuring protection from water damage. At American Eagle, we use the PHCC Pro Series line of sump pumps. These pumps feature the most modern, energy efficient, and high volume pumping of any in the industry. These pumps, on top of pumping more water than competitors, also offer substantial energy savings. Sump pumps operate on a switch system which allows the pump to be turned on independently. There are different types of switch systems that all work to achieve the same result, but some are more dependable than others. 90% of sump pump failures are caused by a problem with the switch system. Some common types of switches are pressure switches, diaphragm switches, and electronic switches. A pressure switch senses the amount of pressure in the water as it rises and once it reaches a certain level it triggers the action of the pump. The diaphragm switch operates much like your own diaphragm, hence the name, and turns concave as the pressure rises and then turns back when it lowers. Electronic switches work by sensing the water pressure in the basin and sets off probes that switch on the pump when the water rises too high. The pumps we use feature advanced dual magnetic switches, which not only provide a redundancy in the switch, but also have no moving parts that can wear out so it greatly reduces the risk of sump pump failure caused by the switch system.  Another common cause of sump pump failure is improper installation.

The experts at American Eagle Professional Services can provide you with professional sump pump installation services to help waterproof your basement. With a powerful and properly installed sump pump in your basement, you can take comfort in knowing that your home is protected from potential water damage and flooding. There is peace of mind that comes with letting American Eagle provide waterproofing services for your home. 

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